Wearing a full suit of armor everyday is ridiculous.

God bless those in yester-year who dauntingly slipped on almost 20 pieces of heavy, cold, strong metal to protect the sometimes weak, fragile, scared life within. Do you ever wear armor? Or wish you could? Those vulnerable days when you feel like every stone and sword has been thrown your way and there seems to be no possible way you can take another hit. Or maybe you have that armor and don’t realize it. You woke the next day. No visible sign of bleeding or bruising. Unmarked skin. Pure as the day you were born.

gold armorCould that armor be something you wear? Or is it within……

Your wedding band. Solidarity between two people. A forged piece of simple metal made to fit you perfectly. Chosen by the person who loves you with their entire being. That they set for to purchase the perfect love filled piece of armor. To place it upon your finger and knight you with vows of protected continual love through better and worse, richer, poorer, sickness, health until death shall take you no matter how strong that armor is. The bond so strong that even when you are apart that person is there. Your person. Your invisible protector. Your shield. For 1 + 1 = 1.

Your grandfathers watch. No longer running. Frozen in time. A memorable piece of honor and strength that reminds you that there is no time like right now. This is your time. Do not live your life to watch the hands of time ticking by but to seize the moment now and capture what you so victoriously want. The only moment you have full control over is this exact one. Use it as a focal point so you don’t lose sight of what you want. A true solider of armor fights against the strongest of enemies. Even the enemy of time.

Your power shoes. Those blood red bottom Louboutin’s. Fit like a glove. Stand taller. Walk stronger with the confidence you need when worry and stress are too thick to walk through in your Payless pumps. Dig in and go. Fight.  For ahead is the only way to go. Don’t look back at the piles of battles lost or struggles reaching for your ankles. March to your beat. You have the strength within you. Just look. Walk toward the good. You will arrive.

Sometimes there isn’t anything you can place on your body that protects you. You are just perfectly imperfect. Real. You mess up. You are weak. Uncertain. Fighting and frustrated. You push past, through and away. Stabs of lies, hurt, miscommunication from a sword held by even allies. The armor you desperately crave, to protect you from the cruelty of the days you are here, just cant be found. No stores in the world contains the armor you require. What then will you use to to fight?

That rare piece that is within you. Your soul. Your heart. What lives there? Who protects it? What armor does it possess that no matter what you put on the outside, that if the world might penetrate it, has no power over the armor of within? A constant reminder that He is always with you and there is nothing you can’t do. For everything you need is within you and He is always there for you. Standing against the wiles of the devil. Against flesh and blood, wickedness, against power, darkness, tribulations and doubt. You are rooted in faith and nothing can break your armor or the stride from that path.

No matter what you wear as your armor remember that any loss is a win because you tried. A tragedy isn’t meant to shackle you down it’s meant to teach. You didn’t give up. You still fought. You still won. You rose another day to give it another go. To suit up and conquer the enemies who battle your existence. FIGHT!



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