The first day is always filled with so many emotions. No matter what type of day it is. 

I started a new job. A couple actually. Both with kids. Something opposite of what I was doing. Life throws changes and challenges at us and I grabbed these. I love kids. Even sassy ones. Even uniform sporting jobs. 

Dressing the first day of my playschool job was a challenge. I had been pushing the limits, wearing whatever I felt like at my previous job but this was going to be tricky. 

No cleavage. Nothing tight. Nothing short. Nothing to fancy. Might get dirty. Kind of, dare I say, comfy! 

I thought I did well until one of the boys I’d know since he was only an “airplane/Madonna concert/hangover” inquired as to why I had on such a boring outfit. 





I thought my safe blue and white pinstriped blouse with blue jean skinnies was a great combo! “What’s wrong with it?” He straight out said it was just a blah, blue, boring outfit. That, I couldn’t argue with. He was used to my more dramatic outfits. So was I. I told him I’d try better the next school day. I tried. He never commented again and in the last two months I may have completely lost my old ways of pushing fashion limits. 

Three days, is what I worked, before taking the reigns of the “cat herding” and led the class for the final 10 days of the school year. 

Now I’ve had the honour of knowing most of these beauties since they were born or seeing them around town. But nothing prepared me for the rest of it. The emotions, the role of sharing my knowledge and ensuring they got the best.   Having the responsibility of 16, 4 year olds. My honour that they allowed me to teach their babes. Some of the parents have known me a long time. Enough said. 

I wrote a speech that time didn’t allocate me to read the night of their graduation but I believe it needs to be shared. 


Tonight marks a special day in the lives of this group. Some friends will be off to here, the big school, off to kindergarten. Some friends will come back to play with new friends and myself next year. 

We learned many wonderful things during our time together. The ABC’s, writing, sharing and our numbers 1-10


10 – the amount of classes that I got to be with this Motley Crüe 

9- 9 months of growing. Similar to being on the inside at the beginning of their life they grew and changed. 

8- unlike the number we ate a lot. Snack time was filled with combine sandwiches, seeded food and sharing, usually K.’s extensive variety of goldfish.

7-the amount of classes I was blessed to teach them. 

6- hours a week we got to hang out in our classroom

5- our five fingers that aided in writing our names, counting, and rocking speed Simon Says

4- the average times a day that I’d sing “bump da ba dump bump”

3- only three days I had sharing the class with Miss L. Learning and watching her with the kids and oh the fun I can imagine they had during the year with her. 

2- two extra special people that joined us during our days.

1- one parent helper. Every day you would join us. We thank you so very much for your time and love with our 1 big class. 

I can’t believe how much they have changed. From babes to fine, wonderful boys and girls. How quickly time will go now that they have hit the big school. You will close your eyes one night and wake up with grey hairs, more for some of you, and some of these kids will be graduating in this gym from grade 6. Don’t worry, you will stay the same age. Then in a flash filled with late nights of studying, puberty, growth spurts, sports trips, drivers licenses, dating, more grey hairs, and holding on to the rarity of hugs and kisses that once were begged for now replaced with gross, not in front of my friends, eye roll, eye roll, eye roll. I don’t have much advice to give you. But one thing I do know, together we will raise our little’s. We are blessed to live in communities that are so close. Where we look out for each other, give love when needed, support, encourage. We win and lose together. The extremes of high fives, and loud cheers to on your knees in tears of pain, and heartache. 

Our children are lucky. Oh the places they will go. But embedded in their hearts is the importance of community, love, & compassion for one another because you are doing an epic job! We are doing an epic job together! So no matter how hard grade 10 math is at 11:30 at night or the right outfit five minutes before the bus comes on the second day of school in grade 4, nothing will prepare us for how quickly time will pass. Love them now, exactly how they are, who ever they are because 2032 is just around the corner and this moment will happen one more time as they graduate grade 12, they will head out to move mountains and you will still be the same age! 

school pic

I believe time does go incredibly fast. 

Taking on too many jobs to be busy, to pay off debts, only to take the time away from my family to give to other families. Kind of ironic. Just like the ’96 Alanis Morissette classic says “Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you”. That it does, Alanis. In a blink of an eye, your whole life can change. Your whole life. It sneaks up while you put your new born down for a nap and wakes up 18. Sneaks up in the night. You rest your head healthy and in a moment cancer has taken up residence in your body. Saying goodbye like you have a million times before but not knowing that angels will sneak in and take your most precious gift. That the path you saw as leading left, has now taken a sharp right. Sneaking in, leaving you breathless. Life. Is. Ironic. Waiting for the right moments only they never come. So maybe I’ve taken on the safe boring uniform jobs. But I believe it all has a reason. These paths Gods chosen for us all. Even the cruelest of moments. I believe it has been put their for a reason and I’ll trust in Him and lay my heart out to Him to heal, to guide, to teach me. 

Make the time to pick that outfit. To teach. To love. To live. Do that crunchie. Watch that season of The Bachelor. Buy the Kate Spade handbag. Linger just a little longer at the crib. Build that blanket fort and eat popcorn for breakfast. Eat all the cheese. Feel all the emotions. Breathe it in before you’re breathless. Be unapologetically you. 

Don’t you think…..

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