I have an addiction.

To bags.

Purses, clutches, satchels, cinch, envelope, tote, oversized, hobo, saddlebag, messenger, cross body, itty bitty. 

Give them to me!!

A lover of fine bags yet when it comes time to pay, I can’t remember what pocket, of what coat or pant I left my card in. 

I have a wonderful collaboration of bags, all slightly filled with crap, because I change them so often and only remove the necessities. My wallets are the same way. It gets filled with so many receipts, which I hold on to because day when I’ll open that puppy up and its gonna be dolla dolla bills; that I just leave it in its hideous state and move on to the next one. 

Winners is my go to place. Due to the fact that I live in a tiny little town and own a fabulous, yet tiny, consignment store, the closest “big” store is an hour away and is Winners. Hence the addiction.

A colossal amount of bags to feed my fashion hunger. Every style and colour. Sensory overload. 

On a recent trip I fell in love. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find a bag every damn time I went. 

This Kate Spade beauty is the colour of a perfect result of an olive and the rainforest making love. I couldn’t stop touching its soft exterior….. 

Steve Madden rocked my world with this one!!!


The latest trend is a guitar strap on your bag. New or old, this strap transforms any bag. Uniquely designed, nice and wide. Over the shoulder, hands free to touch everything!


The amazing amount of different bags that fill the runways has we swooning too….well most of them.

Unique handles. Handles with care because literally the handles might cause you pain. Chloe has a beautiful horse bit-esq bag that’s the perfect size for my lipstick and cards. 


Oversize bag….Celine’s “where’s my lipstick, in the damn abyss/going out for lunch with the girls, in the next county, for three days and carrying a small child!”bag. Balenciaga Moroccan Poufs- in case one gets tired during shopping and needs a quick seat.

Prints & Patterns. One word. Gucci. I’ve drank their brightly coloured koolaid and am hooked. Fendi’s grandma embroidered, eccentric patterns. But for the love of God please don’t matchy-matchy the dress fabric to your bag. No! I once had a matching set of pajamas for my doll and myself. Same and same. Don’t do it. 

Cinch-I have no words. I don’t love this style, I’d bypass it every time. No proper strap, just a wad of purse pulled tightly closed and held onto. Nope!


Have fun with this accessory!! It’s a chance to go wild. Yes it should fit your needs. Yes the lining should be light so that you don’t find yourself dumping the contents out on the front step at 10pm because you can’t find your keys. 

Spicy it up. Change it up. Buy many. 

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