meb Let’s be real. 

2016 sucked. But so did every other year. And maybe 2016 rocked. Like every other year. And maybe 2017 will suck too. Or rock. But was it really the whole year? Every minute? Every day? Because I’m pretty sure everyday is a new day. It’s own day. Don’t tell yourself resolution lies. Don’t let one shitty thing define you. No offence but the amount of celebrities who passed in 2016 was crazy but did they define you? Does it really matter? If that’s the reason the year sucked then you my friend have WAY bigger issues!!

I’m not gonna fill you full of quotes on feeling great and throw it to the universal, and what you tell yourself is what you will become. Sometimes feeling shitty is ok. Be mad. Yell. Have a bottle of wine. Have 3. Pout. Pour a big ole glass of screw this I’m having the most epic pity party for one! Get it out and move on! 

It’s allowed! Let’s make this very clear! In a day in age when the most stupid bills are formed and people have the dumbest laws to make them pussy foot, rainbow shitting, princesses, I can have a self wallowing day!

Sometimes things suck. Why should I suck it up? To make others comfortable? Why should I bite my tongue when they can spew all over me and I’m the one to accept?

If I put an outfit on and I feel like a sack of shit and tromp out my door bitter then just shut your mouth and step aside. 

Oh but poor me? Do I even know what hardship is? Do I have really anything to be boo-hooing about. If I’ve worked my ass off and fought, and I got punched then I’m allowed. Crying and not trying isn’t! There’s a difference! Recognize! Don’t ever post a crying, bullshit cliffhanger status on Facebook. The one where you say something but not. Leaving those to question. That pathetic!!! PATHETIC!! If you want to say something SAY IT!!!!!!! Don’t be an annoying pansy. Nobody likes that! That cry is falling on deaf ears or blind eyes. 

But since when do feelings belong in a rank?! Why should my sad shitty feeling be any less than yours? Why can’t I be upset and sad and angry over things that may seem less than yours? Allow me my feelings! Allow me to feel. You’d cheer me on in happiness. Allow me to fall on my knees without judgement and criticism. Unless one carries on without hope. Then slap a bitch. 

I believe 2017 will be hard. Many changes will arise. Hard ones. I’ve been talking to a few about the hard days. About the first settlers. The one room built homes that you shared with 8 other siblings plus your parents. Potatoes stored under the dirt floor. The awful freezing cold walk to school up hill both ways in gunny sacks not in North Face down jackets with accent coloured snow pants and $150 boots. Children made to really work! Prostitute. Miners. Loggers. Hard labour. Not sit on your ass and play games and back talk your parents and think everything should be given to your over clean, unvaccinated, silver spooned, pampered ass!

Life is hard. Fall but then deal with it. Get up every damn day and do something to make a difference. Change it! If you were to die today like every other amazing artist/parent/regular joe that has fallen victim in 2016, what would you want to be remembered for?

Finishing level 13 on a game?

Riding coat tails?


Second guessing?

Waiting for the damn right minute?

What is the value of your life?

What’s your worth?

What drives you?

How much time do you have left?

I have a bleeding desire to help others. But sadly after a couple hard years I’ve decided that I’ll be very selective from here on out. Don’t assume I’m a bitch. That I’ve turned cold. The world is changing and so am I. I’m not out to help myself but I need to consider myself first. If you aren’t ok, does it truly matter if others are? 

I believe in the common denominator. When life sucks and shit gets constantly thrown at you and upsets you, think! What is the common denominator? Look to yourself first. Am I overbearing? A bitch? Do I ask too much? What I have repeatedly done to cause this?

Fix it! From the inside! Changing your exterior and remaining the same will not change the course. It will be hard. It will be challenging. Step up. Be fearless. Be courageous. Don’t quit!

If there’s something you want to do, do it. Push. Use that drive. Find a way! God gave you life. Be the good. Do good! Ask! Change! Pray! Transform! Become resourceful! Live with passion! DRIVE! Do not stay stagnant! This is your day! Do what it takes!

I know who I am, where I’m going and the definition of me.

Who are you?

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