Clothing can be a powerful thing.

Filled with emotions, strength and pain.

Something amazing happens to people when their world falls apart.  A humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when your knees hit the floor, hit our rock bottom.

Comfort on day when you need it the most. The oversized Disney sweatshirt that you should’ve let go years ago but is the best hug and arm of Kleenex.  The perfect joggers that allows you the ability to eat the whole damn tub of ice cream and doesn’t cut off circulation to any part of your body while you lay on the couch for 8 hours.

The scent from another’s article.  The inability to have them close but is the next best thing.  A piece of what you desire the most, what your heart aches for.

Simply looking at a piece that brings back a wave of emotions.  The first day and the last, the big day, college, a road trip, first job.  The outfit carefully selected by your parents for you to be brought home in after your birth and the outfit chosen that you will be buried in.

The fibres of your life story.

Next to your skin, it is your constant.  It felt your warmth and was near you through the bitter cold.  Lonely days and love filled.

But remember that you don’t need to stay there long.  Allow that bottom to become your solid foundation on which you rebuild your life and your wardrobe.

The strength behind a matching bra & panties or a lace teddy beneath your business armour.  The force you have when wearing your power color. The ability to wear your favourite outfit and stand tall amongst those who share emotions with you, silently or vocally.  We never know each other’s story fully, but our words sure know how to cut or to heal. Giving comfort to someone through fibres duplicated and woven with love, speaking without saying a word.

Picking the right piece of clothing isn’t just about a look, it’s about how you feel in it. Know that nothing you put on can make you feel as good as what fills the inside.  Celebrate your perfect imperfections.  When you think no one is watching or listening, they are.  Life is far too short to dislike your body or exist at the bottom.  Dress it proudly, properly and be a powerful presence.

Give thanks for all things, always.   For God was your rock all along. And those beautiful Louboutin heels help too.

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