img_6446webHave you noticed the decline in getting dressed up? Like it’s too much work to put pants on or a top that you haven’t already slept in.

I remember a fad of wearing your plaid pajama pants out and about. But now that I think about it and still see it on rare occasion, I come to realize it wasn’t a fad at all. It’s lazy. 

I once saw a man wearing them in a line up at the grocery store with a leather coat, crocks and Sunday morning hair on a Thursday. The pants were horrid. Inside out, tag-large, white, dangling and I would like to believe they were recently laundered but I have doubt. So I think, were you in a mad rush? But you put a coat on. Are you low on actual pants? Do you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to wear regular pants? None of these were any of my business but still I wondered. Wish I would’ve paid more attention to what he was actually purchasing. 

Whatever happened to the days of getting dressed up? Was it the 40’s and 50’s when they wore their best to go to town? Always in dress clothing and heels, hair done and clean. Changing out of school clothes to play clothes. Taking pride in ones appearance. I feel as though once the late 90’s hit and there wasn’t anything else to trend fashion on, the “anything goes” became the norm. Which meant being able to wear your plaid pajama bottoms to the grocery store. Shouldn’t something as simple as dressing nice be passed down through the generations, like Grandma Sidna’s borscht recipe? 

In my wedding invitation I had made a special note that asked all invitees to please dress semi formal. I wasn’t asking you to go out and buy a ball gown….even though, years later, I found out one of my husbands families never came for that reason exactly….I simply wanted everyone to dress their best. Remove all pajamas, torn and stained clothing and take pride in how you look. After all, the groom and I were. Some may say that’s petty for me to ask something so harsh and that I should be pleased to just have those present look anyway they want. But is it that hard? Are we lazy? Schlumpy? Do we just want to look that way? Have we stopped trying? Have our excuses become our reality? Can one not dress up to celebrate life’s great moments?

One thing I know is that I’d much rather be overdressed than under. To take pride in knowing that you look good. Your posture will improve by what you put on. It’s amazing how you change depending on what you put on. A bad day can be made great with the right outfit. And a day can come crashing down with pants that are too tight, a blouse with popping buttons and yellow pit stains.  Dress for what you want, for who you want to become, and how you want to be treated. 

And Lord knows that if you put on an epic outfit and you don’t see anybody you know, where it again tomorrow! Wear that over the top outfit to your daughters ballet practice on Wednesday! Wear it proudly! Rock it! If you exude confidence you will pull it off! In the words of Coco Chanel “keep your heels, head and standards high!”

If you feel you’re not confident in your own skin, let alone that crazy pattern blouse from the Gucci fall/winter 2016 collection, then that’s okay. Baby steps. Start with the Tom Binns bib necklace with your safe, neutral outfit. Work up to want you want to profess. Just like all things, it takes practice and perseverance! You got this!! As Mel Robbins would say “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!!!”

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