fullsizerender-3Winners is a haven of big designer brands for less! Yes please!! Here’s a tip to conquer the store like a boss!

Always grab a cart! Done! There it is! Go forth and conquer!

Kidding…there’s a little more to it than that.

Some people can’t “do” Winners.  “I never find anything!” “It’s too unorganized!” Are we at the same store? The one with clearly marked racks upon racks, colour coded sized hangers, sections of perfectly stocked home decor pairings? If you don’t grab a cart, you lose.  The girl that’s lapped you twice in aisle 3 is actually stalking you like a cougar. Not like in that way. C’mon! She’s waiting for your already full arms to realize you can’t grab that perfect ceramic owl tchotchke, that would look just darling on your recently refinished, weekend class, chalk paint table, next to the galvanized milk jug of hydrangeas and the cute first date picture of you and Mark! Having the cart allows you to grab everything, stack her to the top and decide later! The black Michael Kors purse, 2lbs dumbbell, Paul Mitchell shampoo, a lace Calvin Klein bralette, 37 different clothing options and the pair of sweet velvet Steve Madden booties.

I once went to a TJ Maxx, cousin of Winners, with a friend.  Same amount of wow factor and epic selection.   We loaded two carts!! (It was my first time…I was overly excited!) By the time we went through it all, hummed and hawed, tried on, switched and tried on again. We left with 2 blouses, a coat and a pair of jeans.  Point is, grab the cart. I once made the terrible mistake of “running in quick” without the cart and I watched a lady grab the most epic romper I’d ever seen, right out of my full handed grasp.  I dream about that beautiful piece to this day. Error! Never again! You’ll thank me later when you and the owl are drinking tea together, reminiscing about your ex Mark and his lack of home decor style!

Speaking of Mark…always go through the men’s clothing section.  The vintage inspired Rock/Metal tee’s are fabulous! Pair that perfect tee with chunky, layered, statement necklaces, a sweet pencil skirt and heels! Bam!! Eat your heart out, Mark!!

3 thoughts on “Winning at Winners

  1. I never grab a cart but last week I should have had it. I usually make such a mess of the clothes as I try to get to the fitting room. Next time I will grab a cart for sure!!

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