Your Second Skin…

They’re all the rage.  The trend that has touched every decade since the 50’s and hasn’t really stopped.  The seemingly safe option to pants, but not pants, the legging comes in an array of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics.  Here are some tips to ensure your leg accessory is pulled off properly.


-Test It – Before you even purchase said legging, give them the good ol stretch test.  Especially if a pattern is present! Lord knows if those 3″ wide fabric tubes sporting the cutest skull faces become nothing more than some sort of alien life form or something your cat threw up once you stretch them to fit your luscious full thigh, it’s not going to be good.  If the pattern stays, it’s a win!!

Give them the eye spy test too. No light is best light. And no skin tone or white!! Yikes! Naked is naked. Don’t pretend to be dressed naked!

-Shades of Underneath – Always, always, touch your toes when trying them on. One size fits all is a sick lie told by label makers that reside in a dark cave. You will bend over during the day.  They will stretch or not stretch during the day.  Guaranteed! If you can see a panty outline, camel toe, the tattoo on your leg, the glory box, if you can fit a bag of Doritos in the butt or knees or, heaven forbid, your starfish is present, you can’t wear them!! Watch for seam pulling in tighter areas! Cheaper fabric will pill with friction and then they’ll be nothing more than rags for scrubbing tough stains.  Always pair with a tunic or dress. Longer the better; layers and loose.  Choose a top as if you’re hiding a fanny pack of Snickers from the kids! Unless of course you’re working out or you’re tight like a tiger, then, by all means, flaunt it….within reason.

-Pattern – If you rock a crazy pair, make sure you let them speak for themself and not competing with the rest of your ensemble. Competition is great, when you pull it off correctly, but that takes skill and we’ll chat about that in another blog about the Pattern Party of Clothing.

-Footwear – You can wear almost anything with leggings as long as it makes sense and has a united marriage with your upper half choice.  Knee high boots, ankle boots, runners (no socks present, please), flats, epic heels (not Mary Jane’s, not kitten, but epic), flip-flops, the list goes on.

Once you’ve found the perfect pair you can master going to grab the kids, groceries, a function at your local community centre and the copious amount of food and drink that will be devoured at Aunt Ida’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

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