undercutHistorically, the undercut has been associated with poverty and the inability to afford a barber competent enough to blend in the sides, as on a regular haircut. Not the case today. Today people, men or women, willingly scope out and ask for this.

In some form or another, this has always been around. I remember it being a flash in the pan during my high school days in the early 90’s. The girls shaved underneath, only noticeable when they threw their hair in a pony. Rebels, who smoked and drove. I was the girl that didn’t get her license until she was 18 but was the first to buy the beer. I, also, was unable to figure out back combing, the quintessential hair of my youth in the 80’s. I, instead, would grab my perfectly side parted crown/bang area, lift it high and spray my Aqua Net as close to it as possible. This crust ‘bang’ lived with me for 3 years!! Thanks friends, thanks.

Anyway, the undercut vanished for a few years before regaining popularity recently. Now the stylist of this time are shaving epic designs into it and getting creative with the straight razor!! Now we’re talking!
Mostly still hidden at the nape of neck, under longer hair, some venture out and shave a side! Been there, did that! The decision to grow that bad boy out is painful, exhausting almost. It’s like you went Britney 2007 on one side, before your mom stepped in and removed the clippers from your hands and you regained your sanity.

But what’s this?! They’ve taken the shaved undercut one step further!!! Not only have they formed an epic geometric pattern in it or a perfectly formed lotus flower but they are dying the shapes and putting glitter on it!!! For some, glitter is a colour. These reflective particles have been sparkling lives since the 1930’s! Immersed in beards for five minutes last year until the entire male population figured out that it wasn’t ideal to look like you made out with a toddlers kindergarten project. To me, and this is my personal opinion, it reminds of the exclusive, limited edition My Little Pony from my childhood. The toy with the bedazzled ass stamp, similar to the tramp stamps of recent years, that was best not really played with or couldn’t frolic with the rest of the stampede through the shmooze also known as bath water. Back to glitter…who or how or why would this be a choice? It would be everywhere. Sparkled dandruff on every piece of clothing, couch, pillow, and vehicle seat. I touch my hair at least a dozen times in the day. Have you ever put your hand in glitter? It doesn’t come off! It’s everywhere! Did I mention that? I can’t fathom why someone, other than a unicorn, would want glitter in their hair, on a Tuesday, in a meeting with Duane from accounting. Maybe glitter girl is a rare breed. Occupation is tolerant of glitter outbursts. I’m not sure. I just can’t. The 4% OCD in me would lose my cool. Maybe I don’t know the particulars but the crafting side of me just says no.

But, go forth. Test the trend. After all it’s your life; enjoy the things that bring happiness to you. Bathe in it!! Lord knows a little glitter in the hair never hurt anyone.

One thought on “Undercut Crafting

  1. I love it Chantel! Best wishes on this new adventure. I can’t wait to see what else you share with us. Keep on keeping on friend 😊 The “about you” is perfect!

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